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“We learned a lot about winning during the time we played for MC from 1992-94. We were very successful, and we won a lot as a team, we had our expectations to become better players. Coach Poss was a great coach and great motivator. A great recruiter who got exceptional players year after year for MC teams. For that many years to be able to get that many great play-ers from Texas and all over the world. It was pretty awesome for him to be able to do that. It was so special being from West Texas playing on a West Texas college team with fellow West Texans like All American Shawn Savage (Plainview), Judd Burkett (Amarillo) who was my caddy on the PGA Tour, All American Jason Garduno (Monahans), and All American Jason Brooks (George-town). He’s been such a good friend since playing for him. When you play for a coach you don’t realize how much he cares for you. He was pretty hard on us, but as soon as we graduated, he became a good friend and we realized the life lessons we learned from him!” 

Chad Campbell – Midland College All American, U.N.L.V. All American, P.G.A. Tour Multi-time winner.


“Delnor Poss was a great coach because he was an out-standing teacher. I can testify to this fact because he and I coached against each other for almost twenty of his more than forty-year career, and he taught me a great deal.  Delnor often taught me by out recruiting me—he brought some of the best college golfers in the nation to Midland College. Delnor sometimes taught me by out coaching me, his players were always prepared for every event and almost always competed well. Delnor always taught me by his example, he was gracious in both victory and defeat. I will never forget Delnor’s last event as a coach.  In 2016 he brought an outstanding team to his last NJCAA National Champion-ship, and as usual, Midland was considered one of the favorites to win.  That event, however, was won by my team. As I walked the final hole next to my last player with the victory assured, Del-nor stepped out into the fairway.  He was disappointed that he did not win his final championship, but he wanted to give me a bear hug and congratulate my team.  Delnor’s success as a coach, was an example of why the NJCAA Division I Coach of the Year receives the DELNOR POSS  COACH  of the YEAR AWARD!”

Vince Clark - Golf Coach, McLennan, C.C.(Waco,Tx.), National Champions Golf Coach and National Coach of the Year multi-times.

“There are many things I could say about Delnor. For over 50 years he has been involved in my life as: a game official (as a player and coach), as an adversary A.D. at Midland College; and a confidant and mentor always for over 50 years! But most importantly, one of my dearest friends. Delnor is brash, confident, loyal, and very good at everything he has done. Another great friend Larry Roberts, who played with him at Hardin Simmons U. sums up his confidence then and now, “There was never a shot that Delnor did not think he could make!” His wife Martha taught him his most important quality. How to be a great dad and family man. She even taught him a little humility! I have not read the book, but I know one thing. It will be very entertaining and will shed some light on life and athletics in West Texas over a long span of years. It will be historical and comical and if you do not already know him, you will leave wanting to know my friend Delnor.”

Joe Tubb - Texas High School Coach, Director of Athletics at South Plains College, President of the N.J.C.A.A.

“I first met Coach Poss, a coach of whom I was in awe, as a student at Big Spring H.S. in Texas, in the early 1960’s. Charismatic and accomplished as a basketball player, he coached me in both basketball and football. His expert coaching was only surpassed by his kindness as a human being. Eventually, the trust he placed in me, allowed me to supervise his 3 sons from time to time.  Relationships built with his players, the respect his players showed him as he taught the game of basketball, and his excep-tional skill at the game allowed him to clearly and fully demonstrate basketball skills on the court. The joy of playing the game of basketball stayed with me throughout my N.F.L. professional football career. I formed a team with my football teammates and played basketball exhibition games in about 50 high schools each off- season throughout the Midwest. In this way, through sheer repetition, I continued to sharpen my basketball skills. Coach Poss inspired me and every young person he encountered.” 

Charlie West -former Big Spring High School Star Athlete, U.T.E.P Football All American;  N.F.L. player (12 years) N.F.L. Record Holder. 

“Delnor Poss hired me as the head basketball coach at Midland College, Midland, Tx. in 1977. He was the Athletic Director and I remained the basketball coach until 1987. I couldn’t have had a better boss and supporter. Delnor possessed many positive qualities: tireless energy, always eager to assist me , often behind the scenes. He is a great friend,  fun to be around, and always attempting to go first class, whatever the task. It’s been great knowing him and his family all these years!”

Jerry Stone, Coach of the 1982 N.J.C.A.A. National Jr. College Athletic Association Basketball Champions and NJCAA National Coach of the Year.

“Little did I know when I came to MC, I would be going into the military! But, little did I know he was teaching us life’s lessons. I have to thank Coach Poss for where I am today!”

Shawn Savage - Two time  All American, 3 time Golden Bear Tour Winner, a highly successful Midland businessman.

“To be honest, when I came here I was worried about his rigid personality. But now you can’t help but love him.”

Hudson Ross - 2016-2017 All Conference and All Region player.

“In talking about the early era of college women’s basketball (1970s), many coaches advise that those student athletes were just as talented, dedicated and competitive as those competing to-day. True to that, those early student athletes and teams were rewarded when a number of fine, experienced male referees agreed to officiate games, bringing a professional approach to game and rules administration and a real sense of validation of the coaches’ and student athletes’ efforts. I personally always will remember and appreciate Delnor and his colleagues for their commitment to the women’s game at a critical time in its development.”

Jody Conradt - Former Head Women’s Basketball Coach and Women’s Athletics Director, The University of Texas. Member: Texas Sports Hall of Fame, Naismith Hall of Fame and Multi-time Coach of the Year

“We have been good friends for over 40 years. I can’t put into words, what he’s meant to me. He’s the reason I have been in Midland for over 40 years! He is certainly enjoyable to work with. He is just coach!”

Brian Gilley, Tennis Coach hired in 1977 and Coached 2 National Tennis team Champions at MC, later volunteer Golf Coach.

“Martha has been as much a part of the athletic program as Coach Poss has and hopes they will continue to be involved. He wouldn’t be nearly the man he is without Martha! He’s just a phenomenal man and I can’t look at him without thinking about trying to live up to that. I feel like I have huge shoes to fill. He has been a servant to the Midland community in many ways.”

Forrest Allen - current Director of Athletics at Midland College.

“Having been recruited by Coach Poss for a Golf scholarship back in Aug 2009. I arrived at Midland College (Tx.) a somewhat apprehensive young man, thousands of miles away from my family back in the UK. That apprehension soon started to dissipate following my initial meetings with Coach. You were instantly impressed with his passion, commitment & profession-alism towards his work & team members. He was someone who would command respect as soon as he entered the room. He had full knowledge of what all students were doing all the time, and was a strict disciplinarian! He gave an inspirational pep talk just when it was needed. The absolute basic requirements of any athlete are to train, practice and give 100% whenever competing. He has instilled those qualities in countless students who have been fortunate enough to be under his tutorage over many years. You feel like you wanted to walk through walls for him. I went on to achieve All Region, All State & All American at MC. Those awards helped me gain a spot at NCAA D-1, College of Charlston (SC). When visiting Coach and Martha’s beautiful home, you are impressed at the huge number of team photos adorning the walls. You could point to any individual & with an almost uncanny, encyclopedic knowledge, he will inform you of that students sporting, academic achievements, career path and probably his family’s too! I have built a life in America since graduating. I am a PGA Class A Pro, awarded “US Kids Top 50 Coach” and have recently been promoted to General Manager & Director of Golf at Legend Oaks Golf & Tennis Club-SC. I continue to have high regard for him. He is always just behind my parents, in being informed of any achievement or progress I make in my career or personal life. I feel absolutely privileged to have been coached and mentored by him. Even more honored to be able to continue that association as great friends.”

Neil Gowan - PGA General Manager-Director of Golf at Legend Oaks Golf & Tennis Club. 

“You look at his record and the fact that he was at MC for 40 years, it’s impressive. For what is considered a small school, it has produced some world class golfers, world class businessmen and just good people. We had so many exes come to our reunion from all over the world says a lot about him!  He made a big pos-itive impact on my life.”

Kenneth Ferrie - 2 time NJCAA All American, European and PGA Tour, Winner of Spanish Open, European Open and Austrian Open and other events.

“To a good friend and a good official. Some of the things I remember from officiating a lot of games with Poss. When we were calling a game and he would call a foul, he would smile at the player or if he would call a technical foul on a coach, he would smile at the coach. I’d always say, “Quit smiling Poss, it looks like you’re happy about the foul!” I won’t tell the whole story, but at one game that we were working together I was down on one end of the court and was searching for Poss...when I found him, he was up in the student section next to a long haired student who had been yelling ugly things at us throughout the game, and was telling him he had to leave, security helped him to do so!”

Frank “Shep” Shepard - Football/Basketball game official, referee of Orange Bowls, S.W.C and Lone Star Conference games.

“Delnor Poss truly is a Midland College legend, and his accomplishments speak to a desire and consistency all coaches would envy.  Since his arrival to Midland College in January of 1977, I’ve known him as my coach, boss, mentor and for the past many years a valued friend.  It’s impossible for my wife and I to think of Delnor and Martha or Midland College separately, to us they are one in the same.”

Ron Jones, Midland College, ex-A.D. and current Women’s Basketball Coach.


“I can’t comment on the book, but I can about the author. I did not know Coach Poss until I started coaching at New Mexico J.C. in 1991. I was a PGA professional, but a rookie amongst many veteran coaches. Coach Poss was special, he went out of his way to help me. He became my mentor, a tremendous competitor, but always competed in an honorable way.  If his number one player broke team rules, number one was left at home. Winning was very important but teaching young people responsibility and honor was far more so. Coach was not the best teacher of the golf swing, but he was the best psychologist and motivator.  He was also extremely well prepared.  He would go out on the golf course and make yardage books before they were commercially available.  He would then make copies so he could give them to his team and my team as well.  Coach was great at strategy on the course and would make recommendations how to play to his team during the many team meetings. Coach Poss motivated everyone around him. To save money on our tight budgets we would often share a motel room while traveling. I had the opportunity to learn from decades of experience. My father is my hero and the man I respect the most, but Delnor Poss is my second father/older brother and very special friend.”

James Black – P.G.A. Class A Professional and Golf Coach at New Mexico J.C.

“It’s tough to write a forward about a man I could talk about for hours, but I guess that’s what the rest of the book is for. I came to Midland as a transfer from W. New Mexico U.. I lasted one semester at WNMU before I decided college golf wasn’t for me. So, I went home and transferred to El Paso Community College where I majored in ditching class in favor of playing 36 holes of golf every day. During this time, I was recruited by a couple of JC’s in the area, Midland College being one of them. I was apprehensive about accepting any scholarship offer because I was still pretending to go to class each day and knew I would fail the majority of my classes, thus making me ineligible the next fall. Finally, after much thought, I came clean and admitted I hadn’t been going to class and wouldn’t be eligible the next semester. Coach Poss decided to offer me a full scholarship even though I would not be eligible for the first semester. I knew MC was a national powerhouse and I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to play for a “legend”. Without Coach I would not have ever played college golf again, and I most likely would not have continued my education. I am forever indebted to Coach Poss, he gave me a second chance that allowed me to get an education and play college golf. 

Upon arrival I was quickly given a taste of the old man’s “tough love” style. While riding around campus with Coach and my Dad, we were discussing my schedule when my Dad brought up the fact I had an hour-long gap in the morning. I casually remarked, I’d spend that time sleeping.  I immediately regretted that choice of words as Coach Poss ripped into my lazy line of thinking. I realized how similar Coach Poss was to my grandfather. I hadn’t heard that tone since my grandpa (legendary coach Don Haskins) had passed. There’s just something different about the old timers, those folks raised in the 40s and 50s. They’re hard, they’re tough. They don’t put up with “bs” or excuses. I knew then I was getting my own taste of “old style” coaching. But, we all respected the man. Everywhere we went, the respect  he received was abundantly clear. I guess that’s what 4 National Championships, countless All-Americans, and a lifetime of teaching and giving back will do. I am forever thankful for the lessons Coach Poss taught me, the 2nd chance he gave me, and the mentorship he provided.”

Dominick Haskins – Former Chap  W.J.C.A.C. All Conference, and NJCAA Tournament Player.

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