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No Time Out

“No Time Out” recounts the life of Delnor Poss. Born in a loving but poor community outside San Angelo Texas in the middle of the great depression. His father was a talented mechanic but a severe alcoholic, leading to a childhood of uncertainty as jobs came and went and the family followed the dust bowl migration from Texas to California and back. By his ninth-grade year he had attended 10 different schools 13 times in the 3 states. Poss recalls with love and candor the pains of growing up in this environment and how this sowed the seeds of determination to be respected and successful. The path to college came through his abilities in sports and the path to social and family stability came through the meeting of his future wife Martha along with her strong and stable parents. 


Poss relates with humor and candor his success and failures through college and into his first forays of coaching in the small towns of west Texas eventually landing in Big Spring as one of the youngest head basketball coaches in the state. Success and conflict ensued as Poss ultimately chose to resign as coach and pursue a career in business as well as officiating high school and college sports throughout the southwest. Poss soon ranked as one of the top officials in the southwest in an age where an official had to drive to most locations and fly when possible, landing on roads and wiping ice of the plane windshield along the way. 


When the opportunity arose to take the Athletic Director/Basketball job at upstart Midland college, Poss jumped at the chance. Employing his restless energy, he built the schools athletics into one of the most successful programs in Junior College sports history and the golf program into a dynasty.  

No Time Out

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